Backlink Battleplan



For the most part, I am loathe to promote internet marketing courses of any description. Usually these products are full of hype, rehashed information and way overpriced for the value received. I recently purchased a course called Backlink Battleplan, developed by Shane Melaugh of As I said previously, I am always highly skeptical of any type of IM courses, but this one seemed different than any thing I had seen lately.


While listening to many people over the last couple of months, I have realized that they do not understand the main reason why they are so unsuccessful online. Many find a new system that promises them easy cash, buy up tons of domains and throw hundreds of websites out into the world. They eventually lose energy, and look back at how much money and time they have wasted annoyed and disgruntled.


When small businesses start thinking about promoting their website the first thing they usually turn to is SEO. Why you may ask? It's almost always the most cost effective way to get lasting returns on their time and money.